Nutrition Counseling Services

Are you having difficulty?

Losing weight?... Gaining weight?... Eating more?

Eating less?... Exercising?

Do you have?..

Hypertension?... Heart disease?... Diabetes?... Gout?

Are you somehow affected by these questions?

Think about it.

You can change everything and gain control of your health and lifestyle now.

Start by knowing what your body measures mean with the Fast Assessment and Screening Tools.

Track your food intake and physical activity with our HELP Tracker.

Talk to our in-house Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians for free and get personalized nutrition advices by booking an appointment with us.

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What is the FNRI Nutrition Counseling Services?

The Nutrition Counseling Services (NCS) of the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) is a frontline assistance program on nutrition assessment and management of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) to the public. Self-assisted online applications, downloadable publications and hands-on service through personal counseling sessions are offered here to encourage everyone to learn and practice a healthy lifestyle.

What can I do in the FNRI Nutrition Counseling Services website?

The website offers various services which will guide you in making better nutrition decisions. Use the online resources to do the following:

Talk to Us. Know your current nutritional state and learn the proper ways to maintain or improve your health by scheduling an appointment with us. Set an appointment with us now!

Body Measurements and Meaning. Did you know that body measurements like weight, height, waist and hip can provide useful indices to assess and monitor your nutritional status? To learn more about these, try the Fast Assessment and Screening Tool.

HELP Tracker. Trying to keep up with your resolution to lose weight and stay physically active? Use the HELP Tracker to take note of the foods you ate and activities you have done on a daily basis. Stay on the right track with the use of your daily progress charts on your weight, BMI, food intake and physical activity to keep you focused in reaching your goals. Essential tips and advices on nutrition and physical activity will also be available to assist you in attaining and maintaining your desirable body weight and balanced diet.

Nutrition 101. Know what you can do to prevent or manage NCDs. Download the infographics and nutrition brochures for free.

Who are the people behind the FNRI Nutrition Counseling Services?

The nutrition counselors that make up the team are all Registered Nutritionist-Dietitians (RNDs) under the Life Stage Nutrition Section of the Nutrition Research and Development Group in cooperation with FNRI Management Information System Unit.

Who can avail of the FNRI Nutrition Counseling Services?

The Nutrition Counseling Services is designed for adults, 19 years and older. Users below 19 years old are encouraged to set an appointment together with their parents or guardians to get proper assessment and counseling.

What does it cost to avail the FNRI Nutrition Counseling Services?

The online Nutrition Counseling Website can be accessed free of charge.

How do I sign up?

To sign up, create an account and login to the Nutrition Counseling Service website. Choose Register for Free to get started.

How do I set an appointment with an in-house RND?

You need to be a registered member in the Nutrition Counseling website before you can schedule an appointment with us.

The following steps are needed in order for your request to be processed:

1. Login to the site.

2. Click the set an appointment button under the calendar in the home page of the website or go to the Events page and choose the date.

3. Fill up the required details in the request form.

4. Click Submit button.

A notification message will appear if you have successfully submitted your request for a nutrition counseling appointment. All requests will be processed within 7 working days. You will then receive a confirmation email containing the status (confirmed or not confirmed) of your request and the name of the RND who will assess and counsel you.

In special arrangements like big group or company nutrition assessments and counseling, please include the details of the event or request in the message box.

Register now and get started!